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Consultations are available at our Chester or Prestatyn Salon. We also have a clinic in Llandudno once a week.

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We have worked for many years with children and young people, helping them cope and deal with their hair loss through either medical treatment, alopecia or trauma. 

Losing your hair at any age is difficult, but especially so if you are too young to understand or going through the usual ups and downs of being a teen or young adult. 

We are proud to be a part of the Gold Standard network of salons that help provide wigs and hairpieces to young people through The Little Princess Trust.

Both of our salons offer a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere and environment so you can be rest assured that any nerves felt by your young person will melt away when they meet our warm and friendly team. 

We're specialists in hair loss solutions

We understand that everybody’s hair loss experience is different. No two people will feel the same. It is exactly the same with young people. 

We have seen hundreds of children and young adults who have had to experience hair loss for different reasons, and in turn we have gained a real insight into how we can help people. 

When you and your child visit for your consultation we will work with you to look through different looks and the needs of both your child’s scalp, their hair and help improve their overall wellbeing. 

There are so many ways we can help you feel confident again.

Rebecca ♥
Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, Founder