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Your quick guide to our hair extensions

Here at Morgan’s we are passionate about looking after your natural hair, whilst giving you the volume and bounce you crave!

Our team of specialists are experienced and highly trained in ensuring that, regardless of the method of hair extensions you decide upon, your natural hair will be looked after.

All too often we have clients arrive with damaged locks and even hair loss from poorly maintained and looked after hair extensions.

This quick guide will hopefully help you understand the differences between the methods and help you make an informed decision.

We are able to fit extensions at both our Chester and Prestatyn salons, where we will provide bespoke consultation and then a programme of maintenance.

Who are extensions for?

Anyone who is looking to enhance their natural hair, Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, salon owner and specialist in all hair replacement and hair loss solutions says;

‘When fitting hair extensions, we can be as subtle as just adding a small amount of hair for volume and thickness, or it might be that someone wants a complete makeover and change. If you have shorter hair and are looking for lots of length and volume for example. There is a method to suit all hair types, our team are well versed in dealing with all sorts of hair and will be sure to give everybody the best advice for their hair. Ideally, the hair needs a reasonable strength and stability so it may be that some of the other solutions, such as hair integration, are better for them.’

Which products do we use?

We use only the best – we will have a consultation with you before your fitting, but the hair we use comes from high-quality suppliers Remi Cache, Prestige and Angel Remy who provide us with our weft, nano bond and tape extensions.

Invisible Weave Hair Extensions

A hair extension that secures seamlessly!

The invisible weave method of hair extensions ensures that there are no visible attachments at the base of the extensions when secured to your natural hair. This is the latest in innovative hair extensions and uses no heat, braiding or glue.

These are a popular choice of extensions and is traditionally sewn together at the top of each section of the hairpiece. We stock an array of colours that will be able to seamlessly blend with your natural or coloured hair.

Hair extensions using the weave technique give thicker hair, maximum volume and tend to give a faster fitting time. A wefted extension gives a seamless continuous strip of additional hair wefted to your own hair, looking extremely natural and really do transform your look.

Nano Bond Hair Extensions

These rings are 90% smaller than regular hair extension application rings – barely there!

These are an almost undetectable method of hair extension, made from copper or plastic, the bonds or rings are around the sizer of a ballpoint nib – tiny!

The hair extension strands are attached using the bonds. Here at Morgan’s we take care to ensure the reapplication of the hair extension strand is easier and cleaner for maintenance appointments.

This in turn of course helps us to help you look after your hair. The beauty of these extensions is that we do not use any heat or glue, the ring or bond does all the hard work and there is little to no damage to your hair.

It is important to note, however, that you need to really look after your hair and ensure you do not apply any heat to the bonds themselves. Something also to bear in mind when having nano bonds fitted is that as they are fitted through strand by strand method and not sewn in, it is normal to have some movement as your natural hair will shed as normal.

Weft/Tape Hair Extensions

Low maintenance and affordable hair extensions.

These are an excellent alternative to clip-in extensions and create the volume and thickness you may be looking for whilst being easier to take care of than some other extensions.

These hair extensions are very lightweight and completely pain-free – they literally adhere to your hair, with no weaving or pulling.

The extensions are made from human hair. meaning you can wash your hair in the same way as you would normally, just be sure to be more gentle with your towel drying

The tape is super thin and so discreet, it is almost invisible! The flexibility of taped extensions means that most wearers say they cannot feel them either, so they are especially good if you are sensory and have a sensitive scalp.

These extensions are great for every hair type, but especially fine hair as the tape blends really nicely, and you will be able to still style your hair with these extensions in. From straightening to curling, putting your hair up in a ponytail to having some extra oomph for your wedding hairdo, you can have anything you desire!

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Rebecca ♥
Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, Founder


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