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Hair Integration – What You Need To Know

Have you had a mesh hair integration system fitted?

Have you really thought about what happens to your scalp when you have one fitted? How often does it need to be removed? How often do you have a visit back to the salon to have it maintained? How will you clean your scalp and cleanse it?

A healthy scalp = healthy hair growth.

We look after the skin on our face, why is our scalp any different?

The mesh system that had been fitted in this video and on many other clients we have seen can cause a build-up of grime, grease and bacteria ultimately causing infections and even more hair loss. Here at Morgan’s, we have seen this too many times. So much so we have been on a mission to not only educate people but to find a gentle hair integration system that allows the scalp to breathe, to be cared for and for no hair loss to be caused.

In this video, Rebecca talks through how she safely removes an old hair integration system and replaces it with the extremely gentle and kind to hair and scalp system that we use,  Ultrastrands.

A lot of hair loss is often caused by natural hair loss that is then matted to the system. The reason why the system needs checking and maintaining.

Using the gentlest of products to help remove the natural hair that may have fallen out anyway, Rebecca shows how the matted hair that has not been able to shed properly and so has caused the matting. This particular system had not been removed for over 2 years, in part due to Covid, but many salons only recommend seeing their clients with such systems annually. At Morgan’s, we recommend seeing our clients regularly to ensure a healthy scalp is maintained and further hair loss is prevented. This particular system works brilliantly for people when it is removed regularly, but unfortunately, this does not happen enough.

We naturally lose even a couple of hairs a day, just in the shower you see it, but you need a healthy scalp to have healthy hair. Rebecca also shows how you can scrub and exfoliate your scalp to help stimulate healthy scalp skin that then, in turn, helps promote healthy hair growth.

Morgan’s only uses the Ultrastrands hair systems as you can still touch your scalp and massage your scalp, you can therefore get creams, ointments and serums directly onto your scalp, meaning it is so much better at protecting your own hair and scalp skin.

Watch this video to see the true transformation that Ultrastrands provides.

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