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Finding your Fit

We are here to offer our expertise and find you your perfect fit. 

Helping you Find your Perfect Fit...

At Morgan’s we have been helping people find their perfect fit for years. Whether you are looking to buy privately or with your NHS voucher, we can ensure you find the piece that makes you shine again. 

Further, we have welcomed thousands of people through our doors and we like to think we really know how to help you find the very best solution for your particular hair loss

We are fully trained hair stylists with a passion for helping men, women and children with hair loss.

Everyone’s journey is different, we have been on many with our clients, we hold your hand all the way, with gentle support. We are also a LGBTQIA+ friendly salon.

Our Advice to You...

The best advice we can give is to try things on as early on as possible in the first stages of your hair loss as this way you get an immediate understanding of what may be closest to your ‘look’ and will make the transition easier. Generally, this makes finding your wig or topper a lot easier.

But if you decide to take the leap and try something totally different to your natural hair then go for it! We will support you with which ever route you take, but we will never let you leave if it just doesn’t look right. We truly believe that honesty is key!

Factors to Consider...

It may be that you simply want to have a style as similar as possible to your own hair, it is what you are used to after all. Of course, this is completely fine and why we suggest coming to see us as soon as your hair starts thinning, that way we can see for ourselves how your hair looks at its fullest. Nevertheless, some people chose to go completely different to their natural hair which is also perfectly fine!


When you are choosing your wig to topper there are a few factors to consider:

Will you be wearing your wig or topper everyday?

What is your budget? How much do you want to spend?

Do you want to look the same or totally different?

Do you want synthetic, high heat or human hair?

If you are undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy, you might find that having something as easy as possible to style and maintain may help as you will have bouts of tiredness so the last thing you need is to worry about styling your hair. 

In this situation, we suggest people go for a shorter style piece and a synthetic fibre as this is much easier to care for and much cheaper, bearing in mind it is a temporary solution.  

Lets Talk Colour

It may be that you feel most comfortable with a colour that matches most closely to your own hair shade. 

At Morgan’s, we can talk you through which shade will be best suited for you, especially if you are potentially going to have medication that could change your skin texture slightly. 

We work with Look Good Feel Better and can help give you advice about any make-up techniques that will help you feel much more like you whilst you go through any treatment. 

You could also of course seize the opportunity to have a little fun – embrace a brand new style or colour! This is your chance to explore and make the most of the experience. You never know, you may love it! 


Your entitlement for a wig through the NHS scheme will depend on your condition, it may be that you are entitled to a new one every 6 months. It will also depend on your local trust too. 

We can of course help advise you if you wish to purchase privately. 

We work with you throughout your hair loss journey. Right through to when your own hair start to grow back! This is one of the most fabulous parts of our job. 

We offer a free hair cut and style to every one of our clients and love to help you adapt to your new look once again. 

There are advantages to both and it might be that you want one of each for different occasions. 

Human hair wigs can offer the most natural look and feel and are more versatile when it comes to styling. 

At Morgan’s we are hugely experienced in the custom colouring of wigs and can even cut and style the wig so that it is completely unique and bespoke for you. 

As you can imagine human hair wigs are more expensive, but with proper care they can last over a year.

With synthetic wigs you can probably afford more and they can often be worn straight out of the box with no styling required. 

The right wig cap can be transformative and really make wearing your wig comfortable and very wearable, ensuring you feel super confident. 

The base of any wig is called a cap. There are a number of different types of caps, some are hand tied for natural movement and a great option for versatility is a monofilament wig and cap which can be really gentle and kind to sensitive caps. 

Many of the wigs we supply come in petite, average and large size. You will find the average size, really is that, fitting around 95% of people who try one on. If you are unsure about how to measure your head, all this will be taken care of by our team in your consultation