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The 5 steps of Hair loss solutions were created and developed by Morgan’s director, Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, and state the different steps she believes people go through as they start their journey with hair loss. Whether you are coming to us from Step 1 or Step 5, we are here to give you the solution that suits you and makes you feel your best. From a simple flattering haircut and colour to a full wig, we can offer solutions to you every step of the way.

Below you will find 5 short video clips about each of the 5 steps of Hair Loss Solutions, how to know if that’s the step you are at and the possible solutions we can offer you.

Step 1

Step one is about taking your first step, acknowledging your hair loss and being pro-active. This involves booking an appointment and talking through your situation to hear what solutions are available, whether it be a flattering cut/colour or root sprays and powders.
To hear more, Watch our Step 1 Video >

Step 2

Step two is about finding something to give you a confidence boost in whether it be for your day to day life or special occasions. We will find you a temporary solution will give you a thicker and fuller look with minimal maintenance.
To hear more, Watch our Step 2 Video >

Step 3

Step three is all about toppers. Most people don't want to look different or have a noticeable change in their appearance when suffering with hair loss, so toppers are a great option. They enhance your natural hair and give you the coverage you need in the places you need it.
To hear more, Watch our Step 3 Video >

Step 4

Step four is about starting with a more semi-permanent option; hair systems. There are so many systems on the market but it's essential to do your research as many can cause more damage than good. Here at Morgan's we use UltraStrands Hair Systems.
To hear more, Watch our Step 4 Video >

Step 5

Step 5 is about the wonderful world of Wigs. Whether you've gone through step one to five or straight to step five, whether you need one temporarily or long term, we will find the right wig for you and support you in
every way we can.
To hear more, Watch our Step 5 Video >

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