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Lace Front Wigs – Explained

The beauty of a lace front wig is that it offers a truly natural look.

Designed to look like natural hair is growing out of your hairline, these wig caps allow for your hairline to look like it is extending from your temple or ear-ear depending on which you prefer.

When you think of ‘lace’ it conjures up delicate fabric which is very fine, in wig world this is a fabric which is a fine sheer mesh.

The hairs are then individually tied to the holes in that mesh. Where you look at ‘lace front’ wigs then that piece of sheer mesh is only at the front of the wig cap.

If you are suffering hair loss around the hairline then these work brilliantly.

A versatile and realistic option as the hairs are individually tied onto the lace front, this creates a really natural look.

The beauty of a wig with a lace front is that it can be styled away from your face and tucked behind your ears. Due to the sheer mesh, your scalp can be seen through the hair so it looks really real.

A lace front cap can be incorporated into other types of wig cap construction such as a monofilament top, a capless style of just a normal machine-made cap.

When combined with a cap that is monofilament or hand-tied, a lace front wig offers the ultimate versatility as it can also be parted in multiple directions.

Lace front wigs are available in a range of lengths, cap sizes and colours.

Video: Rebecca explains the difference between some of the most popular wigs and wig caps.

Video: Rebecca gives us a demo of a human hair wig with a hand tied, lace front wig cap construction. Rebecca also has a couple of quick tips for styling and caring for your human hair wig.

How do you wear a lace front wig?

Here at Morgan’s if you attend the salon for a fitting then we can help make sure it looks fabulously natural.

If not, don’t worry! This quick guide can help you.

When your wig arrives, you will see that there is excess ‘lace’ coming down onto your forehead. The key here is to place the wig on your head and then trim the lace to follow your natural hairline.

Ideally, leave a bit of room and do not over trim the lace, you can snip it down once you are happy.

Putting on your wig

You should wear your wig at the natural hairline. Hold it by the ear tabs and then flip it upside down with the interior of your wig cap facing up with the back of it furthest away from you.

Once on, you can adjust it to the comfiest and flattering look. Most of Morgan’s wigs feature interior adjustment straps and this will give you the best possible fit.

Video: Take a look at our salon director Rebecca fitting some wigs on model Sarah, with some top tips and hints to help you get your wig fitted perfectly yourself!

Caring for your lace front wig

As its name suggest a lace front wig is delicate. It is therefore really important to care for your investment properly.

Do not hold the wig by the lace, pulling or tugging on the lace might mean it rips, so be sure to always use the ear tabs or the side of the wig when putting it on. Using a wide-tooth comb and specially formulated shampoo is recommended.


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