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Let’s Talk Cold Caps

We had a consultation recently with a lovely lady who has had breast cancer surgery and is waiting to start treatment.

Just like lots of our clients at Morgan’s who are beginning a treatment journey, this lady’s biggest fear is hair loss.

Understandably, she became rather emotional when we talked about what might happen with her hair. At Morgan’s, we understand that hair loss, chemotherapy and alopecia can be emotive and sensitive topics. Why not let our empathic and trained team support you every step of the way?

In our discussion with this lady, we talked about trying the cold cap. This client’s response was slightly alarming to us, as she explained that her oncologist had previously told her not to bother trying the cold cap, as it doesn’t work.

This bothers me because we have seen in the salon that the cold cap really does work. Granted, it doesn’t work for everyone and not everyone can tolerate it, but we believe it should still be an option for those who would like to try it. There are lots of people just like this lady who have beautiful hair and take a lot of pride in the way they look.

This client wasn’t vain in any way shape or form but she clearly took pride in her appearance and it’s natural to feel scared at the prospect of losing your hair. What we always say to clients is that it’s not whilst you’re going through your treatment that you benefit most from the cold cap, it’s afterwards.

A lot of women we have seen in our salon have kept up to 70% of their hair as a result of cold cap treatment, which is a massive amount. At Morgan’s we are honest with our clients about the fact that there may be patches without hair, but our role is to support you and work with what we have.

It can take a good 18 months for your hair to grow back into some form of a style after treatment. However, it has been proven that if you persevere with the cold cap, your hair will grow back quicker.

It isn’t for everyone, but for this particular lady we think it would really benefit her. If this lady decides to go ahead with it, it may help her feel more confident once treatment is over. At Morgan’s we understand that your journey doesn’t end once treatment is over, and people can live with the affects of treatment for many years to come.

For this lady, we gave her some information from Paxman Scalp Cooling to take away and have a read. It can also be useful to talk about your options with a breast cancer nurse for that extra level of support.

We understand it may be overwhelming to try and decide what the best option is for you, so here at Morgan’s we will support you at your own pace.

When you visit for your consultation we will work with you to look through different looks and the needs of both your scalp, your hair and your overall wellbeing.

There are so many way we can help you feel confident again.

Rebecca ♥

Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, Founder


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