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Consultations are available at our Chester or Prestatyn Salon. We also have a clinic in Llandudno once a week.

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The old image of the dodgy toupee is long gone. Technology and advancements now mean that the stigma of wig wearing for men is. and should be, in the history books. 

Here at Morgan’s we offer a passionate, discreet and sympathetic service for men of all ages. 

We stock a wide range of Men’s Wigs to help with all types of hair loss from male pattern baldness and alopecia to medical treatment hair loss, we will have the right hairpiece or toupee to suit you.

You will be sure to find the perfect, realistic, comfortable wig for your needs with both synthetic and human hair pieces, from toupees and full head wigs.

All products we stock have comfortable caps, be it lace front to monofilament – enjoy looking through all of our stock and should you have any questions please call us or send us a message on any of our social media channels or on our live chat.

Mens Wigs - HAIRforMANce Collection by Ellen Wille

We're specialists in hair loss solutions

We understand that everybody’s hair loss experience is different. No two people will feel the same.

As a man, it could be that you are simply dealing with the loss of your hair through male pattern baldness or it could be that you have experienced a sudden hair loss through trauma or medical treatment, the solutions that are out there now are truly game changing.

We can help and be a part of your transformation. 

We have seen hundreds of people who have had to experience hair loss for different reasons, and in turn we have gained a real insight into how we can help people. 

When you visit for your consultation we will work with you to look through different looks and the needs of both your scalp, your hair and your overall wellbeing. 

There are so many way we can help you feel confident again.

Rebecca ♥
Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, Founder