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Morgan’s visit The Little Princess Trust HQ

We are passionate about the charities we support and we were thrilled to be invited to the headquarters of The Little Princess Trust and see first hand where the money we have raised goes and the difference it makes. 

Having a tour of the headquarters, Rebecca and Neil got to see so much and understand so much more about the charity. including that the charity needs 11 pence per £1 to fund itself. 

The charity has donated £15 million to children’s cancer research. We are pleased to even be just a small contributor helping with such amazing work! 

We are always looking for people to donate their long locks, the cost of £5 for the haircut is donated along with the hair.  

Having your haircut with us means that we prepare and send the hair in the best possible condition. For example, we ensure that the hair is not wet when it is sent, it is vital that the hair is completely dry. 

We also were thrilled to see the wigs being made from all of the hair donations and it was great to see the knotters being trained! Each and every Little Princess Trust wig has a ‘Made in UK’ label which is also fabulous. 

We love working with our charities and our experiences with the Little Princess Trust will stay with us forever. 

Rebecca ♥

Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, Founder


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