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Addison Children's Synthetic Hair Wig by Trendco


We are proud to be a part of the Gold Standard network of salons that help provide wigs and hairpieces to young people through The Little Princess Trust.

Unisex style with tapered nape and natural body.

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Please note: Colour shows up slightly different based on hair fibre or style. Each colour swatch or photo shown can vary from screen to screen as well as colour batch of the hair style you choose. These swatches are designed to give you a good idea of the colour but may vary from wig to wig.

Colour Shown: Creamy Toffee
Hair Type: Synthetic Hair
Wig Size: Petite (52cm-54cm)
Converting: Lace Front + Lace Part
Fringe: 6cm
Crown: 12cm
Nape: 5cm
Weight: 48g

We’re fully trained hair stylists with a passion for helping young people with hair loss

We have worked for many years with children and young people, helping them cope and deal with their hair loss through either medical treatment, alopecia or trauma. 

Losing your hair at any age is difficult, but especially so if you are too young to understand or going through the usual ups and downs of being a teen or young adult. 

We are proud to be a part of the Gold Standard network of salons that help provide wigs and hairpieces to young people through The Little Princess Trust.

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Book a hair loss consultation and private fitting

Getting the right wig size for your head is super important; you will want the feel and look to be as comfortable and as realistic as possible. Why not book in for a wig fitting and hair loss consultation at our ChesterPrestatyn or Llandudno clinic.

How to measure your head for a wig

If you are measuring on top of your natural hair be sure that your hair is as flat and smooth as possible.

You will need a soft tape measure for this. Taking the tape, measure around your head from your front hairline to just above your ears then wind the tape around to where your neck bends at the nape and back up to the front of your hairline.

This should give you a pretty accurate measurement. It is important to note that with all wigs, make sure you have up to an inch to give so that you will be able to adjust your wig at the nape of your neck.

A wig is an investment so you need it to be right.

  • Average Size: Between 54cm to 57cm (21.25 to 22.5 inches).
  • Large Size: Larger than 57cm (22.5 to 24 inches).
  • Petite Size: Between 51cm and 54cm (20 to 21.25 inches).

How to wash a synthetic fibre wig | Watch a video

Morgan’s Wig & Hair Extension Conditioner 250ml
Morgan’s Wig & Hair Extension Shampoo 250ml

  • Firstly, de-tangle your wig using your fingers, wig brush or comb.
  • Fill your sink or bowl with tepid water and a splash of your fibre hair shampoo (read the shampoo bottle for the manufacturers recommendations).
  • Place your fibre wig into the water and gently swish your wig into the water/shampoo mix.
  • Allow your wig to soak for a few minutes.
  • Rinse your wig to wash all of the shampoo out. You can run your fingers through the wig gently to make sure that all the shampoo has been washed out.
  • Make sure the water is going in the same direction as your wig, apply your fibre hair conditioner and use your hands to smooth through your conditioner.
  • Rinse your wig using the same method as rinsing off your fibre hair shampoo.
  • Squeeze your wig to get rid of any excess water, then place a towel over your wig and absorb water from your wig onto the towel.
  • Place your wig on a wig stand and allow it to dry naturally. Once dry, shake or brush your wig into your desired style.

Morgan’s Guide to Synthetic Wigs