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Morgan’s Tape Remover 250ml


The gentle and effective way to remove your tape extensions

Use our lotion to remove your tape extensions in the safest way possible

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Free UK delivery

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Morgan’s Tape Remover 250ml

An extremely effective remover for your tape extensions, this alcohol-based formula deactivates the stickiness of the tape, helping the safe and easy removal of your tape extensions allowing for your natural hair not to suffer.

Directions for use

  • Take the tapes out by separating your hair to expose the tape – apply the remover and leave for about a minute
  • Massage and rub the tape
  • Gently pull the two pieces of tape apart like two pieces of velcro and slide the extensions from your own hair


50/50 Remover: this is a blend of 2 types of remover containing isopropyl alcohol and Acetone.