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Your ultimate guide to scaling up your feminine wardrobe.

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Your Ultimate Transgender
Guide to Wearing Wigs

Morgan’s – your transgender-friendly hair salon

In this short piece, we hope to provide you with all you need to know about making wigs, hairpieces and extensions a part of your feminine wardrobe.

It can sometimes feel like a daunting subject when you talk about wigs – what will it look like, will it look fake? How do I keep it in place? Is it hot to wear? Can I style it myself? The list can feel overwhelming!

Hopefully, you have landed on this page as you are trying to answer these questions and more – the psychological effect derived from finding the right hairpiece for you can be phenomenal.

As a salon that prides itself on being accessible, empathetic and inclusive we hope that you will feel ready to start your journey with us should you wish to do so.

From our private and confidential consultation rooms in both our Chester and Prestatyn salons, we seek to give all of our clients the very best experience.

How to size and fit your wig

Knowing how to size and fit your wig correctly is important in helping you feel your most comfortable.

A wig cap that is too big will move around and pull up when brushing the hair. It can also fold over when bonded to your scalp.

Conversely, a cap that is too small will not contour to your scalp correctly, leaving you with an unnatural hairline and look fake.

Understanding which cap might be right for you is imperative too in ensuring your wig fits correctly and that it feels comfortable against your own hair or your scalp.

Here at Morgan’s, we stock a large variety of styles and sizes, and if we do not have your size, then we will do our very best to order it in, or find a similar style that we are able to provide for you.

Synthetic or Human Hair Wigs?

Trying on wigs can be really fun and finding your new look can be a great way to start feeling confident. But how do you go about deciding what look you may want?

What style should you go for? Which colour would be best? Can you add to your own hair? Looking at the lengths of cis-gender females, about your age, with a look you like can be a helpful starting point.

It might be that you have grown your own hair, but you want it to be a little fuller, or it may be that you are happy with your short hair, but will like a fringe to switch up your look. One thing for sure, we can help you find the perfect wig or hairpiece to frame your face beautifully.

When it comes to colour, a synthetic hair wig will be the colour that it is when you buy it and you cannot change it generally, but there is a great deal of excellent synthetic wigs we stock that really do feel and look like human hair.

A synthetic wig is low maintenance as it has a ‘memory’, and heat-friendly synthetic hair can be styled and will hold that style well. With a human hair wig, this can be a bit more versatile, you can have this coloured, just like your own hair, at Morgan’s we specialise in colouring and cutting wigs to suit you. Human Hair wigs of course offer the most styling versatility but will require more styling, especially after washing 

Best wig caps for a transgender wig fitting

Wig caps can really help your wig fit better and feel more comfortable. The most common are:

  • Full lace – this is a breathable cap that feels lovely on a bare scalp and is also the most natural-looking of all the cap constructions.
  • Lace front – this is where the cap has only the front of the cap constructed with lace, the top and the back is a more common cap material, and this can limit the scalp’s ability to breathe. An elastic band can help you get a good and adjustable fit.
  • Monofilament – this is a great cap that allows for air circulation where individual hairs are tied and woven through fine mesh material.
  • Hand-tied – This a wig cap that has each individual strand of hair hand-tied to a wig cap. It is this kind of cap that provides the most versatile styling options for the wearer.

Hairpieces and hair integration – all you need to know

Designed to blend with your own natural hair, this can be a brilliant option if you have grown your own hair but would like it to feel a little fuller or add more length.

A half wig, also known as a 3/4 hairpiece, is worn away from the hairline but covers the crown and the sides and back of the head. This can be attached with clips or worn with your hair attached to a headband.

Toppers and hair integration can really help with thinning or receding hairlines and are much lighter than a wig and can offer a natural, volume where you need it. The integration does require more maintenance, but it really can be life-changing.

Just looking for an easy updo? Then a ponytail hairpiece can add volume and a really feminine look to your long hair. These are best worn with long hair, but they really can look so great! Clip-in pieces can be great and so easy to wear, be it a new fringe or a full ponytail, these offer a super quick way to look and feel really glam and feminine.

Let’s talk transgender hair extensions

These can come in the form of bonded, weave or clip-in, here at Morgan’s we have a team of experts in hair extensions that will not result in hair loss or damage.

Hair extensions add length and fullness to your hair, but you need to be mindful that your hair needs to be thick enough to hide the base of the hair extensions – we would be happy to welcome you for a consultation to see if this is a good solution for you.

All of this can seem overwhelming, especially if you have just started in your trans journey for a new look that you want to feel happy, feminine and comfortable with.

Both our Chester salon and our Prestatyn salon have very private rooms and our team are very sympathetic and experienced in all aspects of hair replacement.