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What is a human hair wig?

Human hair wigs are often chosen by virtue of the very fact they are made from real hair.

Just like real hair, they need to be taken care of in order to maintain their shine and appearance and for you to get the most out of your wig.

Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs are made to last a lot longer. That said there are some easy mistakes you can make that could quickly reduce the life length of your wig. You have made a big step and investment in buying a human hair wig, so knowing how to take good care of it is important.

Made from many different types of real human hair including Asian, European, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian hair, the feel and texture of your wig is determined by the type of hair you choose.

With the majority being made from Asian hair, which tends to be thicker and straighter, wigs made from human hair can really provide wearers with some lovely hair. A wig made from Chinese or Indonesian hair will give you a more fine texture feel with a wig made from European/Caucasian hair being generally even finer; both of these tend to be more expensive as there is less of a supply.

Your hair’s final appearance is of course affected by any techniques that may have been used on the hair. After human hair has been sourced for a wig it has to go through some processing to prepare it before it is wefted into a cap.

In order to make a decision on the style of a wig and the way that the hair will be used, the manufacturer will have the hair chemically stripped back to determine its quality. The chemicals clean and strip the original hair and how much this is needed will affect the overall strength of the hair.

Look after your wig and it will last

Whilst a human hair wig is certainly more ‘real’ than a synthetic one, this can mean it is easy to forget that it does not have the benefit of the oils and vitamins from the scalp as with your own hair.

To keep your wig in the best possible condition here are a handful of tips:

  • Do not overuse your hairdryer – blow-drying your hair too often can cause the hair attached to your wig to become loose, especially if it is hand-tied.
  • Use wands, curlers and hair straighteners with caution. Always remember that a low heat setting is best, use a protection spray and avoid the roots.
  • Let your hair dry naturally as much as possible. Leaving the hair to dry naturally and preferably on its wig stand will help your hair stay better looking and natural for longer.
  • Styling whilst your hair is slightly damp helps keep the style longer and in particular protects the shaft, keeping it smooth.
  • Storage and travel – store your wig on a wig stand when not wearing it and when travelling, if you haven’t got it on, ensure it is in a special wig box.

Look after your wig properly and it can last you from 9 months to possibly even a couple of years.

When you book in for a hair loss consultation with us, we will discuss the different options available to you.

There are so many way we can help you feel confident again.

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Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, Founder

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