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Monofilament Wigs

If you are looking for a very natural appearance from a synthetic wig, then a monofilament wig can offer you this.

Providing the illusion of natural hair growing from the scalp and parting, these wigs are made using an almost see through cap, the thin-layer known as monofilament, with the synthetic fibres or human hair hand-knotted to mimic hair growth and make it look as natural as is possible.

The hand knotting allows for the wigs to look very similar to how natural hair will grow. It offers the wearer flexibility too with a natural-looking parting and the ability to re-style. Taking up to 40 hours to hand-knot a single monofilament wig cap, so these wigs do fall into a higher price bracket.

In this video, Rebecca explains the difference between some of the most popular wig cap constructions.

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Rebecca ♥

Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, Founder


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