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Wig Cap Construction – Explained

Wig cap constructions can be a bit of a headache when purchasing a wig for the first time.

This guide is here to hopefully better your understanding and helps you decide the wig cap that is most suited to your style and needs.

Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs provide versatility, if you are someone who changes your style regularly the monofilament cap is for you. A monofilament cap allows you to part the hair any way you want. Monofilament caps use a sheer polyester or soft nylon mesh to enable your skin colour to show to help that natural look.

There are different types of monofilament caps, monofilament top, monofilament crown & monofilament part. It all depends on where the mesh is placed on the cap. In this area hairs are hand tied to the mesh to allow the natural hair movement.

The monofilament cap is breathable, the lightweight material used gives wearers a cooling comfort. If you have a sensitive scalp and want versatility a monofilament wig is just right for you.

Double Monofilament wigs come at a higher cost however, they provide even greater protection to your scalp. The double layer of monofilament material creates a smoother feel to the scalp and will be more comfortable if you suffer from scalp irritation.

Hand Tied Wigs

Hand tied wigs act like regular hair, the wigs will flow and weave just like natural hair.Hand tied wigs can be made using synthetic or human hair so they do come at varied price range. Each hair (fibre or human) is sewn individually onto a mesh cap using a hand knotted technique.

It is a long process to make a hand tied wig as it is not reliant on machines, it can take a highly skilled craftsperson days to make a hand tied wig, whilst ensuring a grade one wig.

As there are no seams or wefts the hand-tied wig is the pinnacle of comfort. The cap is soft on the scalp, very light and breathable to help you keep your head cool and ventilated throughout the day. We recommend that ladies have complete hair loss to consider a hand-tied wig as it will help avoid scalp irritation.

Lace Front Wigs

Looking for a true natural look? look no further than lace front wigs. These caps are designed to look like natural hair is growing out of your hairline. The hairline can extend from temple-temple or ear-ear depending on your choice of style.

The lace front also allows you to style your wig away from your face without revealing you are wearing a wig, pure naturality.

This wig is beneficial to those losing hair along their hairline as the invisible lace gives you total confidence to style your wig the way you want. Most lace front wigs come pre-styled and ready to wear.

Wefted Wigs

These wigs are the cheapest to buy on our online wig store. Wefted wigs ensure volume and lift throughout the day without dropping. It is a simple but effective design. The hair of basic wig caps is machine sewed into strips. These strips are wefted together to create the appearance of natural hair growing in different directions.

The top of the cap is usually left as an open cap to make it more breathable. A lot of our clients who are going through chemotherapy choose this wig cap as they are really good at keeping your head cool. If you are looking to buy a few different colours and styles, we recommend a wefted wig as they are the cheapest and extremely durable meaning they won’t loosen over time.

Wigs and the technology involved are adapting and improving all the time. We are noticing than wig suppliers are combing wig caps to give its wearers the best wig, understandably a wigs price will increase if more than one cap type is used.

A wigs cap type is always displayed under ‘description’ when on a single product page. Please make sure you understand each cap construction before purchasing a wig.

If you would like a more in-depth briefing on cap constructions please Contact Us. We would love to help you understand the process more.


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