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Wigs for Alopecia

What is Alopecia?

There can be lots of reasons for someone to suffer hair loss, female hair loss can often be caused by something known as alopecia areata, where your hair suffers partial hair loss on your head, which is an autoimmune disease.

Alopecia totalis describes complete hair loss, where there are no patches of hair at all. Where the whole body suffers, including the loss of eyebrows and lashes, this is known as alopecia Universalis.

Other forms of alopecia include the most commonly known type of hair loss often referred to as ‘pattern hair loss.’ Affecting around 50% of men over 50 and half of women aged over 65 – caused by a number of genetic and hormonal factors, this is where the follicles shrink before disappearing entirely.

Very rarely some people are affected by a group of disorders that destroy the hair follicles. Known as scarring alopecias, follicles are replaced with scar tissue.

Having a higher amount than normal of hair shredding (we normally lose 10% of our hair) is known as telogen effluvium, with common triggers being trauma, childbirth, illness and the like.

Britney visited Rebecca at Morgan’s for help with her hair loss.

We think you’ll agree she looks absolutely stunning after her makeover. With special thanks to Britney for showing such strength and sharing her story about living with Alopecia.

Hair loss can also be caused by tension or excessive pulling on the hair shaft, sometimes as a result of some hairstyles. Often experienced by women and in particular those of East – Indian and Afro-Caribbean heritage.

The condition of Alopecia is classed as a chronic inflammatory disease, meaning that your immune system is tricked into thinking that the sufferers’ hair follicles are foreign bodies and this causes your body to reject and attack them. The result is devastating hair loss.

Alopecia is indiscriminate and affects men, women and children, and as mentioned above can vary in its severity.

Don’t worry – we are here to help

Here at Morgan’s the most common form of Alopecia we see is alopecia areata

This is a devastating condition can result in the loss of confidence, wellbeing and cause many sufferers to distance themselves from work and friends.

We are passionate about helping people get their confidence back and return to being the very best version of themselves.

This beautiful brave young lady has Alopecia. Check out how great she looks in wigs.

Our bespoke hair loss solutions

As proud supporters of Alopecia UK, we work closely with the charity with an aim to increase awareness and raise much-needed funds for awareness and research to help support the fabulous work they do.

Over the years we have grown in experience and really come to understand how to offer the very best to all of our clients. We see over 10 women, men and children each week and with every single person, we provide a bespoke and personal hair loss solution.

In this video, we talk about history and hair loss with our client who started losing their hair for a few years before deciding to seek professional advice and consultation about having a hair integration system fitted.

Emily has been suffering from pattern balding and she looks absolutely amazing following hair integration.

How we can help with hair loss

Depending on the stage you are at, we have lots of help at our fingertips. Our wigs come in all styles, colours and textures. We are even able to shape, cut and colour them to your personal preference. We aim to give you your ‘look’ back.

We can add volume to fine and thinning hair too using our hair integration system, creating seamless styles where no one would know you were suffering.

Supporting women, children and men with hair loss is our passion 💖

We understand it may be overwhelming to try and decide what the best option is for you, so here at Morgan’s we will support you at your own pace.

When you visit for your consultation we will work with you to look through different looks and the needs of both your scalp, your hair and your overall wellbeing. 

There are so many way we can help you feel confident again.

Rebecca ♥
Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, Founder


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