Young Prestatyn alopecia sufferer’s new wig is a real boost to her confidence

Daily Post article

Young Martha Nalecz is a loving girl who enjoys singing and playing with her friends.

But behind her smile is an anxiety about starting high school in September with a condition that causes her hair to fall out.

The 11-year-old from Prestatyn suffers with alopecia and up until recently, wore a bandana headband to hide her bald patches.

But now, a real hair wig has been donated by The Little Princess Trust in a bid to boost her confidence.

Her mum, Debbie said: “In 2014, Martha was diagnosed with alopecia.

“Initially this meant that Martha developed some bald patches however, her hair did eventually grow back.

“Then in October 2015, we noticed that her condition had returned.

“This time the hair loss was much worse and very quickly it progressed to become very difficult for Martha to hide, even with her now well developed skills in hairdressing.

“Like most 11-year-old girls, Martha loves wearing make up, playing with her friends and can always be heard singing happily at home, in school and at parties.

“She is an extremely loving little girl who suffers from a number of anxieties that are not helped by the added complication of losing her hair.”

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