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Trichology Clinic

Here at Morgan’s we are now working alongside Emily Atherton Trichology to bring you a Trichology Clinic in our Chester salon.

About Morgan's Trichology Clinic...

We decided to start this Trichology clinic because at Morgan's, we constantly strive to give our clients the best support and care we possibly can.

After seeing so many clients come in with hair loss and no knowledge of why it was happening we decided it was something we wanted to help them, and other people with. When suffering with hair loss for an unknown reason we always suggest seeing your GP, however, the process can be long and stressful for many. By seeing a Trichologist you can get a diagnosis much quicker and have your treatment or solution within months rather than years.

Trichology Clinic Chester

Emily Atherton Trichologist!

Consultant Clinical Trichologist IAT

After years of experience in the hairdressing industry I graduated with a level 4 Diploma in Advanced hairdressing. Yet I craved further education to help clients with hair loss & scalp problems as I could see it was having a massive negative impact on their life.

My passion of Trichology drives me to educate myself further as well as those around me, providing a service that offers emotional support & practical treatments to patients. Finding the root cause of the problem in hand & working to eliminate this is something I thrive upon.

What is Trichology?

Trichology is the medical term used to describe the study of the hair and scalp and the issues related to them. It encompasses the entire range of diseases of the hair and scalp as well as the assessment and treatment of disorders.

What is a Trichologist?

Trichologists are specialists in the science behind the function, structured diseases of human hair and the scalp. Otherwise known as a ‘hair doctor’, Trichologists are trained in life sciences and can evaluate hair loss issues, authorise medications and treat as needed. While many people see a Trichologist about their hair loss before they see their GP, what ever route you take, Trichologists will work with your GP to ensure you receive the right treatment. 

What can a Trichologist Help With?

Professional Trichologists will investigate and help deduce the reason you are suffering from hair loss. Trichologist can cover a variety of hair and scalp problems from chronic diffuse hair loss to genetic hair loss to itchy/flakey scalp that cause irritation.

What Treatments are Available?

There are treatments available for men and women including a scalp detox and a variety of steamer treatments. Emily can help determine the exact cause of your hair loss, allowing you to choose there best treatment for your need. In cases of scalp disorders, Emily can prescribe treatments in the form of creams and shampoos which can be used in the clinic or at home. These treatments are usually manufactured by the Trichologists themselves or by other licensed experts who manufacture such solutions. These products must be used under the instruction of your Trichologist.

Treatments can be done at our Chester Trichologist clinic.

What Happens during a Consultation?

A Trichologist consultation with our registered Trichologist will take one hour, occasionally the appointment will run over this hour however you will not be charged for any additional time. This will include going through your full medical history and discussing every aspect of your lifestyle including: diet, stress, medications and your hair/scalp issue.

A thorough examination of your scalp is carried out which may include; photographs being taken, hair samples being taken and your scalp being looked at under a Tricoscope. Sometimes blood work may be requested which can be done through the NHS or privately. 

You will be given a preliminary diagnosis and a hypothesis as to why you have hair loss. Emily will decide on the correct course of treatment based on all factors discussed, and, if she thinks you may have an underlying medical issue causing your hair loss, she will refer you to a GP or Dermatologist. 

Trichology Consultation Enquiry

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The Solutions We Offer...

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