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Hair Loss Consultation

We understand that this is a difficult process but we are here to support you every step of the way, no matter your situation.

What is The Process?

We understand how anxious our clients can be stepping through our doors, so here is a quick guide to let you know what to expect. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Book your Consultation

Start off your journey with us by booking a consultation. This can be done by calling the one of our salons directly, or filling our the form below.


NHS consultations are free of charge. Private consultations are £60 with a 50% deposit required upon booking.

Explore and Find your Fit!

We aim to provide a comfortable environment where you can talk openly about your hair loss. You can try on different styles, shapes and colours to help determine the right one for you.


You are welcome to bring a family member or friend. 

If it's Not in Stock, We Order

Sadly, we cannot have every piece in every colour in our stock. So, if we have the wig/topper you want, you can take it away that day and if not, we will order it in for you. 

There is absolutely no pressure to purchase!

Collect & Learn the Aftercare

If your wig was ordered in, we will call you and book you an appointment to collect and try your piece. 


We will always explain the correct aftercare required for your wig. We also have plenty of wig care products available for you to purchase.

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Call us or fill in the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Book a consultation

Please answer this question to let us know if you are an NHS or private client. NHS consultations are free. Private consultations are £60 with a 50% deposit required upon booking.
If your hospital is not an option in this list, we can not accept your voucher. You are still welcome to a Free NHS appointment however, you will have to pay in full for your wig.
This question will help us understand where you are in your hair loss journey. If you are experiencing hair loss and have not spoken to your GP, a Dermatologist or a Trichologist, we advise you do this first.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All NHS consultations are free of charge

Private consultations are £60 with a 50% deposit payed upon booking.

If you decide you would like to consider your hair loss solution with us, we then decide on the best time for your consultation which can take place at our Prestatyn salon in North Wales, or our Chester salon.

Generally an appointment for your hair loss consultation will take around an hour but this can vary from person to person. During this consultation we explore the best solution for you and answer any questions you have regarding your hair loss and any of our solutions.

All of our consultations are carried out with our specialists in our private salon room, offering you total privacy and confidence.

Take a look at some of our most popular wigs and ranges for some inspiration.

Finding the best wig for us is driven by so many different factors and totally relies on us understanding your individual situation.

For example we consider the texture of your hair, its colour, any hair that you may have and how we may work with this.

We will measure your head and chat with you about your life, your likes and dislikes; the kind of styles and colours that interest you.

From hair-pieces and hair integration to a full wig, we help you find the right hair that suits your look and your personal needs.

We have 100’s of styles for you to choose from, be it a synthetic, monofilament (incredibly natural looking) or human hair wig, hand-tied and lace front wigs. You will learn how to look after your new wig and how to make it fit you perfectly.

We can even custom colour, shape and cut your wig.

Take a look at some of our most popular wigs and ranges for some inspiration.

The cost of a private consultation is £60.

We charge a consultation as we really take the time out with you to understand your needs, and with our experience, help you to achieve the look that you will need.

We hope that you will go ahead and work with us to help you shine again. If you do not then this is absolutely fine and there is no pressure to buy anything from us, but we hope you understand that this is why we charge our fee. 

There is no reason why you should not buy a wig online! We sell some ourselves, you can view them here. That said, we have lost count of the amount of people we have welcomed through our doors after they have bought a wig online that they are unhappy with.

Trying on a wig or hairpiece is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Your head shape, your face shape, your skin colour, your age, all of these factors can really make a difference!

In particular if you are going through any kind of treatment either for your hair loss, like alopecia or the treatment is the cause of your hair loss, like chemotherapy or radiotherapy, you will notice that here have been changes to your skin, its texture and its colour. 

Depending on your hair loss, there are lots of options available. It could be that you have some pattern baldness, this can be helped with hair toppers, half wigs or hair integration.

If you have complete hair loss, then we have a whole plethora of options available.

We have a wide range of wig caps to try to find the perfect fit and comfort for your scalp, to help you keep your scalp and skin healthy. 

From synthetic wigs to full human hair ones, we can help you find the perfect fit and the perfect look. There are many different types of wig caps and wig construction, so coming in and having a consultation is usually best. 

Hair Integration works for people who have thinning hair, suffer from pattern baldness or alopecia areata.

The integration system, UltraStrands is a gentle mesh system that is custom designed and made for your hair and scalp. It then melts into your own natural hair creating a seamless and natural look.

Adding volume and coverage like no other. We will consider all the factors with you when you book your consultation. 

All of our wig caps are completely breathable and kind to your scalp. We stock a range of scalp healthy treatments too, so we can help you to look after your skin.

If you have had a hair integration system fitted, at every maintenance appointment we cleanse and detox your scalp to make sure your skin stays healthy.

We will work with you as your hair grows and when you feel confident without your wig, then we can help you find your new you in your newly grown back hair. 

We have access to thousands of wigs and can even custom colour, cut and style some of them.

One of the many things we pride ourselves on is the bespoke service we offer to each and every client we work with.

We can most certainly make you shine again. 

Rebecca, our founder and owner has been a qualified hairdresser for 17 years and specialised in hair loss solutions for over 12 years having trained all over Europe with some of the best including hairdresser Trevor Sorbie MBE, founder of mynewhair.

Rebecca is supported by a large team with a wealth of experience and talent. As an NHS approved salon for various trusts across the North West and North Wales – we have been a trusted supplier for many years.

We have to re-tender for each NHS trust every two years so we have to constantly demonstrate our commitment to the service and our expertise in hair loss.